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12 surprising jobs celebrities had before they were famous

Celebrities may be dripping in designer clothing, high profile brand collaborations and posh houses now, but it’s easy to forget that this wasn’t always the case. Not many of our glittering lot came out their mother’s womb followed by a trail of stardust; they had to work to get where they are now.

Which meant getting a job. And by the looks of some of these, that meant any job. Here’s some of the jobs celebs had before they were famous (don’t quit your day jobs, loves).

 1. Joe Manganiello – a construction worker

2. Whoopi Goldberg – a morgue beautician

3. Gerard Butler – a lawyer

4. Brad Pitt – a dancing chicken

5. Chris Pratt – a coupon seller

6. Rachel McAdams – a McDonalds worker

7. Patrick Dempsey – a juggler

8. Matt Le Blanc – a carpenter

9. Madonna – a Dunkin’ Donuts worker

10. Angelina Jolie – a funeral director

11. Kanye West – a GAP worker

12. Channing Tatum – a stripper

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